Webinar - SIPFIS: A New Prescribed Fire and Air Quality Tracking System for the South


A free one hour webinar from Georgia Tech, North Carolina State University, the Southern Fire Exchange and the University of Florida.

Dr. Talat Odman, Georgia Tech
Dr. Fernando Garcia Menendez, North Carolina State University

Webinar Description: SIPFIS is the acronym for Southern Integrated Prescribed Fire Information System. SIPFIS merges prescribed fire and air quality data into a common analysis framework to create a unified prescribed fire and air quality database for the southern U.S. The information available through SIPFIS includes air quality observations from routine monitoring networks, prescribed burn locations from state permit systems and prescribed burn air quality impact predictions from Georgia Tech's HiRes-2 forecasting system. Check out the SIPFIS system here: https://sipc.ce.gatech.edu/SIPFIS/map/index.php. This webinar is intended for air quality specialists, smoke managers, prescribed burn program coordinators and researchers and will discuss and demonstrate the science and management applications of the SIPFIS system.

The SIPFIS project was funded by a grant from the Joint Fire Science Program to address regional prescribed fire and air quality tracking needs (Project #16-1-08-1).

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Oct 5, 2018 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm



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