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Oct 28 - 30 2014 AKDT

Workshops, Trainings and Fieldtrips


Alison York


An interagency group of managers under the auspices of the Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group are organizing a 3 day workshop this fall on the use of CFFDRS in Alaska, which they are calling the meeting the "CFFDRS summit" for short. The idea follows up on a series of discussions within the community that culminated at AFSC's spring fire science workshop in April. The time is ripe to review the current status of CFFDRS in Alaska, how it can be used better, what information is needed to improve its utility, and how best to train personnel. Expertise from Canada and the lower 48 will attend to help review and move forward on these topics.

Tuesday, October 28th

Welcome from AWFCG Dan Warthin

What we want to get out of this summit Tom St Clair

Brief refresher of CFFDRS Robert Ziel

Timeline/history of CFFDRS Chelene Krezek-Hane, Tim Lynham, Kato Howard, Tom St Clair

Overseas use of CFFDRS Marty Alexander

Management case studies Moderator: Tom St Clair

Canadian plans for CFFDRS update Chelene Krezek-Hanes

Wednesday, October 29th

Key points from day 1 Jen Northway

Break out groups for discussion on specific applications

Report out from breakouts and discussion

Review interagency management of RAWS, WIMS, WFDSS Bev Fronterhouse, Heidi Strader, Mark Hale

Overwintering and past experiences Sharon Alden

Fuel moisture Jen Barnes, Eric Miller

Cool Use of Dataloggers/Probes to Compare Field Fuel Moisture to FWI Eric Miller

Ecohydrology of the Alaskan Boreal Forest Bob Bolton

The High Latitude Satellite Proving Ground and Wildfires in Alaska Eric Stevens

Film: "Mounting the Attack on Wildfire" (DVD) Introduced: Marty Alexander

Review of NWT's Record-breaking 2014 Fire Season Beverly Archibald

Thursday, October 30th

Key points from day 2 KT Pyne

Seasonality and Fire Weather Indices Robert (Zeke) Ziel, Brad Reed Cool

New approaches to improve and regionalize fire weather forecasting and fire danger predictions Jeremy Littell

Crown Fire Behavior in Conifer Forests Synthesis Marty Alexander

Recommendations/approaches for training in future Robert (Zeke) Ziel, Tami Parkinson, Mark Hale, Amy Skraba, Matt Lammers

Engaging researchers in these questions, supporting managers in doing research Jennifer McMillan, KT Pyne, Sarah Trainor

  1. How is CFFDRS being used in Alaska now Tami DeFries, Sharon Alden, Kato Howard, Robert Schmoll, Larry Weddle, Mark Hale
  2. How CFFDRS is used in Canada and Great Lakes Chelene Krezek-Hanes, Tim Lynham, Scott Linn, Jim Barnier, Keith Murphy
  3. How managers would like to use it in the future Tom Kurth, Robert Ziel, Heidi Strader, John Saltenberger, Mike Wotton
    • Using CFFDRS in military fire danger program Tom St Clair
    • REDApp demo Chelene Krezek-Hanes
    • How CFFDRS can be used in prescription planning Ben Pratt
    • AFS FMO staffing plan Mike Butteri, Steve Theisen
    • Burn Permits Tom Kurth and Keith Murphy