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Jul 16 - 18 2013 CDT

Workshops, Trainings and Fieldtrips


Malissa Underwood


University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

The Grassland Restoration Network is a loose affiliation of those of us trying to use prairie restoration (reconstruction) as a way to rebuild, conserve and sustain grassland ecosystems. Each year, we put on a workshop to share ideas, techniques, research results, and stories with other. Workshops are hosted by a different site each year, giving us the opportunity to visit a range of projects over the years.

Kicking the dirt together helps us better understand challenges and strategies being employed at each others' sites, but also stimulates better discussions than when we're sitting in a sterile hotel conference room. The workshops tend to minimize lectures and maximize both formal and informal discussion time.

Join us in Columbia, MO for presentations and discussion of trials, challenges and lessons learned in restoring grassland systems. Field trips will included a tour through several stages of grassland reconstruction at Prairie Fork Conservation Area.

This year's workshop is hosted by the Missouri Department of Conservation.