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Jul 10 - 11 2013 MDT

Workshops, Trainings and Fieldtrips


Genie MontBlanc


Owyhee Mountains, ID

The Idaho section of the Society for Range Management and the Great Basin Fire Science Delivery Project are hosting a two-day field tour of juniper treatments and wildfire effects, lead by Rick Miller, Fire Ecologist with Oregon State University and Steve Bunting, Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences Dept., University of Idaho. The tour will include mastication and cut-and-burn projects as well as prescribed fire projects of different ages, many greater than 20 years in age. We will view and discuss the efficacy and longevity of various treatments (hand cutting, chaining, cut-and-leave, and prescribed fire) to reduce juniper encroachment into sagebrush steppe habitats. Objectives for the projects visited include reducing juniper encroachment into sagebrush steppe, improving understory vegetation, and reducing hazardous fuels. Wildfire effects on juniper woodlands will also be discussed at several tour stops.

Register for the 2013 Idaho Section SRM Summer Tour and the Great Basin Fire Science Delivery Project Field Tour
July 10-11, 2013
The registration fee is $40. Please register by July 5th so we can have a good idea of how many to expect for meals. If you would like to make an additional donation to support Idaho Section SRM activities, your support would be greatly appreciated.

There are two ways to register:

�ۢ Fill out the form below and mail it with your payment to the address below
�ۢ Email your information to Juley Smith ( or G̩nie MontBlanc ( and bring cash or check payment with you to the tour.

Please make check payable to Idaho Section SRM Mail to: Juley Hankins Smith, 1405 Hollipark Drive, Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Name(s)_________________________________Organization______________________ Address_______________________City____________________State____Zip________ Phone_________________Email_____________________ Number Total____________
Registration $40 ____________________________
Additional Person $40 ________________________
Total $___________

For registration information, contact Juley Smith:
For tour information, contact G̩nie MontBlanc: