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Mar 9 2013 | 8:30am - 12:30pm CST

Workshops, Trainings and Fieldtrips


Amanda Prange


Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest Headquarters
Eagle, WI

Join us for a FREE half day workshop! Using fire to control woodland invasives, landscape changes of the Southern Kettle Moraine, how to bring back a savanna.

Our Goals:

Identify, preserve and protect high quality examples of oak savanna in the Southern Kettle Moraine Region.

Inventory areas for high quality sites
Focus land acquisition and easements
Develop resources for private land owners
Encourage appropriate zoning for protection

Manage existing and restore degraded Oak Savanna in the Southern Kettle Moraine Region.

Develop guidelines for private land owners
Explore grants to expand management
Promote prescribed fire as a management tool

Educate the public and local decision makers about Oak Savannas and benefits of preservation.

Provide information
Encourage research
Develop partnerships
Link people with web based resources

You can register online at