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Oct 13 2012 | 10:00am - 3:00pm PDT

Workshops, Trainings and Fieldtrips


Tip Hudson


Unionville Ranch
1750 Emerick Road, Cle Elum, WA

A free workshop for restoring forest and rangeland.

The Taylor Bridge Fire burned 23,500 acres of forest and farmland. Without active management, much of this land could take decades to reestablish desired vegetation, if at all. This workshop will help you assess the impacts to your forest and range property, and provide you with ideas and assistance opportunities for restoring forest and rangeland resources.

Discussion topics include:

- How to assess tree survival following a fire
- Forest insect concerns, such as bark beetle and western spruce budworm
- Wildlife habitat - how to create and manage for wildlife after a wildfire
- Erosion concerns and how to mitigate
- Grazing management after wildfire - assessing fire impacts and planning effective rangeland rehabilitation
- Reforestation
- Protecting your home and forest from wildfire
- Forest practices and how it may affect future management
- Salvage options (if any), and working with a consulting forester
- Noxious and invasive weed concerns
- Financial, technical, and educational assistance programs