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Oct 10 - 19 2012 CDT

Workshops, Trainings and Fieldtrips


Heather Montanye


Camp Shelby, MS

When: October 10-19, 2012

Where: Camp Shelby, Mississippi

This 10-day workshop is designed to build or enhance the skills necessary to be an effective Single Resource Boss. It includes I-200 Basic Incident Command System, L-280 Followership to Leadership , S-230 Crew Boss, S-200 Initial Attack Incident Commander and S-234 Ignition Operations. The workshop is run under the Incident Command System and emphasizes hands-on field work, including live fire exercises directed at both prescribed and wildland fire operations. Leadership development is provided through group discussions, working with a large group of individuals with varied experience, interagency cooperation, and work in unfamiliar fuels.

Nominations are due by August 15, 2012.