Vegetation Dynamics Development Tool 6.0
Version: 6.0
  • Tom Roe
    ESSA Technologies
  • Kelly Robson
    ESSA Technologies
  • Donald C. E. Robinson
    ESSA Technologies
  • Nicolaas Kuit
    ESSA Technologies
  • Leonardo Frid
    Apex Resource Management Solutions Ltd.
  • Colin Daniel
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  • David Carr
    ESSA Technologies
  • Sarah J. Beukema
    ESSA Technologies
  • Philip Bailey
    ESSA Technologies
  • Diana Abraham
    ESSA Technologies
  • Susan L. Schilling
    US Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station
  • Andy Taylor
  • Jim Smith
    The Nature Conservancy
  • James Merzenich
  • Kori Blankenship
    The Nature Conservancy
  • Kelly Pohl
    The Nature Conservancy
  • Kathy Schon
  • Donald G. Long
    US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire, Fuel, and Smoke Science Program
  • Alan E. Harvey
  • Jim Byler
  • Wendel J. Hann
    University of Idaho
  • Paul F. Hessburg
    US Forest Service, Wenatchee Forestry Sciences Lab
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  • ESSA Technologies
Publication Date: 2007

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  • disturbances
  • landscape modeling
  • vegetation composition
  • vegetation dynamics
  • vegetation structure
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The Vegetation Dynamics Development Tool (VDDT) is a user-friendly, Windows-based computer tool which provides a state and transition landscape modelling framework for examining the role of various disturbance agents and management actions in vegetation change. It allows users to create and test descriptions of vegetation dynamics, simulating them at the landscape level.

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