National Fire Danger Rating System
  • National Weather Service
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  • National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG)
  • National Weather Service

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The National Fire danger Rating System is a set of computer programs and algorithms that allow land management agencies to estimate today's or tomorrow's fire danger for a given rating area. NFDRS characterizes fire danger by evaluating the approximate upper limit of fire behavior in a fire danger rating area during a 24-hour period. Calculations of fire behavior are based on fuels, topography and weather, or what is commonly called the fire triangle. NFDRS output give relative ratings of the potential growth and behavior of any wildfire. Fire danger ratings are guides for initiating presuppression activities and selecting the appropriate level of initial response to a reported wildfire in lieu of detailed, site- and time-specific information. It links an organization's readiness level (or pre-planned fire suppression actions) to the fire problems of the day.

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