Modeling ignition and burning rate of large woody natural fuels
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Frank A. Albini; Elizabeth D. Reinhardt
Publication Year: 1995

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  • burning rate
  • ignition
  • natural fuels
  • woody fuels
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As part of the development of a model for predicting fuel loading reductions by and intensity histories of fires burning in large woody natural fuels, it was necessary to develop separate models for the processes of ignition and rate of burning of individual fuel elements. This paper describes the derivation of predictive equations for ignition delay time and burning rate (from diameter reduction rate) of large woody natural fuels in a fire environment. The method consists of deriving approximate functional forms using fuel component properties and a measurable 'fire environment temperature' and then fitting these forms to data taken in laboratory fires using a large propane burner. The equations describe the calibration data with precision adequate for the purpose for which they were designed.

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Albini, Frank A.; Reinhardt, Elizabeth D. 1995. Modeling ignition and burning rate of large woody natural fuels. International Journal of Wildland Fire 5(2):81-91.