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The Fire and Fuels Extension (FFE) to the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) simulates fuel dynamics and potential fire behaviour over time, in the context of stand development and management. The Fire Effects Model Extension is a new extension to FVS and the PPE that allows users to simulate the effects of fire on a number of indicators, including stand structure and composition, fuel loading, and size and density of snags. In the absence of fire, the model can be used to simulate snag and fuel dynamics resulting from tree growth and mortality and stand management. While the model produces indicators of stand risk to fire (in terms of potential flame length), the model cannot be used to simulate fire spread or the probability of a fire. A brief description of the model is given here, with some sample results showing some of the new indicators at the stand and landscape level. The Fire and Fuels Extension includes three major submodels: 1. A snag model for tracking and simulating decay and fall down of standing dead trees. 2. A fuel model that simulates the accumulation (through litterfall and other sources) and decomposition of surface fuel, tracks canopy fuel characteristics, and selects fire behavior fuel models. 3. A fire model that simulates fire intensity and fire effects on trees, snags, and fuel as well as smoke production and mineral soil exposure.

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