Factor Information REtrieval
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  • Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards

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The WebFIRE application web site provides fast and complete access to the Agency's air emissions factors information. WebFIRE has replaced the software application, FIRE version 6.25 and the MS Access version of the database. The Factor Information REtrieval (FIRE) Data System is a database containing EPA's emission estimation factors for criteria and hazardous air pollutants in an easy to use Windows program. Users can browse through records in the database or select specific emission factors by source category, source classification code (SCC), pollutant name, CAS number, or control device. FIRE 6.25 contains emission factors from the Compilation Of Air Pollutant Emission Factors (AP-42 Fifth Edition) for all AP42 sections posted by September 1, 2004, the Locating and Estimating (L and E) series of documents, and the retired AFSEF and XATEF documents. All EPA Source Classification Codes (SCC) through September 1, 2004 are in the FIRE database. Version 6.25 supercedes all previous versions of the FIRE program.

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