Consume 2.1
Version: 2.1
Project Manager(s):
  • Gary K. Anderson
    Hoefler Consulting Group
  • Paul J. DeHerrera
    URS Corporation
  • Timothy E. Reinhardt
    Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc.
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  • Consume 2.1
  • duff consumption
  • fuel moisture
  • piled fuels
  • prescribed burning
  • woody fuel consumption
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Record Last Modified: August 22, 2019
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Consume is a user-friendly computer program designed for resource managers with some working knowledge of Microsoft Windows applications. The software predicts the amount of fuel consumption and emissions from the burning of logged units, piled debris, and natural fuels based on weather data, the amount and fuel moisture of fuels, and a number of other factors. Using these predictions, the resource manager can accurately determine when and where to conduct a prescribed burn to achieve desired objectives while reducing impacts on other resources. Consume can be used for most forest, shrub and grasslands in North America.

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