User's guide to using DDWoodyPC
Document Type: Guide / Handbook / Manual / Protocol
Author(s): Fire Program Solutions, LLC
Publication Year: 1999

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  • DDWoodyPC (TM)
  • FMAPlus - Fuels Management Analyst Plus
  • fuel loadings
  • fuel size class
  • fuelbed depths
  • photo series
  • planar intercept method
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Users' guide to using DDWoodyPC component of the Fuels Management Analyst Plus suite of computer programs. Fuel loading and fuel bed depths can be estimated using photos contained in a number of published fuels photo series that are contained in this program. The average fuel loadings by size class and average fuel bed depths can be determined for the sample area using the Photo Series Method in the DDWoodyPCTM program.

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Fire Program Solutions. 1999. User's guide to using DDWoodyPC. Sandy, OR: Fire Program Solutions, LLC. 50 p.

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