Applying the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System (CFFDRS) to Alaskan Ecosystems

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  • BUI - CFFDRS Buildup Index
  • CFFDRS - Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System
  • DC - CFFDRS Drought Code
  • DMC - CFFDRS Duff Moisture Code
  • FBP - CFFDRS Fire Behavior Prediction System
  • FFMC - CFFDRS Fine Fuel Moisture Code
  • fuel types
  • FWI - CFFDRS Fire Weather Index System
  • ISI - CFFDRS Initial Spread Index
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The Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System (CFFDRS) has officially been used in Alaska since 1992. The CFFDRS is comprised of two major subsystems: the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index (FWI) System and the Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction (FBP) System. The FWI System has six standard components: 1) the Fine Fuel Moisture Code (FFMC); 2) the Duff Moisture Code (DMC); 3) the Drought Code (DC); 4) the Initial Spread Index (ISI); 5) the Buildup Index (BUI); and 6) the Fire Weather Index (FWI). These six components provide relative numerical ratings of wildland fire potential for a standard fuel type on level terrain based on weather inputs. The FBP System provides for actual quantitative estimates of various fire behavior parameters for 16 distinct fuel types and topographic situations based in part on inputs from the FWI System (primarily the ISI and BUI).

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