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Type: Thesis
Author(s): Karen E. Kopper
Publication Date: 2002

Focusing on ponderosa pine ecosystems, meta-analysis of 20 individual studies of the effects of prescribed fire on ground fuel-load reduction. Examines the procedures, strengths, and weaknesses of meta-analysis as a technique for quantifying and analyzing fire ecology research. The results for the meta-analysis on fuel reduction are presented along with an examination of the methodology and supplemental appendices for technical use.

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Citation: Kopper, Karen E. 2002. Meta-analysis design and interpretation: a case study of prescribed fire effects on fuel loadings in ponderosa pine ecosystems. Master Thesis. Seattle, WA: University of Washington, College of Forest Resources. 36 p.

Cataloging Information

  • analysis
  • case studies
  • FFS - Fire and Fire Surrogate Study
  • meta-analysis
  • Pinus ponderosa
  • ponderosa pine
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  • 99-S-01
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