Experimental forests and ranges : 100 years of research success stories
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Gail Wells; Deborah Hayes; Katrina Krause; Ann Bartuska; Susan LeVan-Green; Jim Anderson; Tivoli Gough; Mary Beth Adams; Thomas M. Schuler; Randall K. Kolka; Steve Sebestyen; Laura S. Kenefic; John C. Brissette; Susan L. Stout; Keith Kanoti; Frederick J. Swanson; Sarah E. Greene; Margaret Herring; Martin W. Ritchie; Carl N. Skinner; Thomas E. Lisle; Elizabeth Keppeler; Leslie Reid; Peter M. Wohlgemuth; Stanley G. Kitchen; Ward W. McCaughey; James M. Guldin; Don C. Bragg; Michael G. Shelton; David L. Loftis; Cathryn H. Greenberg; Julia Murphy
Publication Year: 2009

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In 2008, Forest Service Research and Development celebrated the Centennial Anniversary of these Experimental Forests and Ranges. This publication celebrates the many scientists who over the course of decades conducted the long-term studies that began and are continuing to shed light on important natural resource issues. Story suggestions were solicited from the Experimental Forest and Range Working Group and were selected to demonstrate the array of research issues being addressed on these living laboratories. Gathering a wealth of information from her interviews with scientists, Gail Wells proceeded to write these 'wonderful success stories from 100 years of research.' Studies established decades ago on many of these sites are still going strong. Experimental forests and ranges provide a valuable, long-term stream of information about the land and its resources. Over the years, researchers have built an impressive body of science to support good land management and further understanding of natural processes. Their research sheds light on many important questions. These experimental forests serve as living laboratories that help us connect the future to the past.

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Wells, Gail; Hayes, Deborah; Krause, Katrina; Bartuska, Ann; LeVan-Green, Susan; Anderson, Jim; Gough, Tivoli; Adams, Mary Beth; Schuler, Thomas M.; Kolka, Randy; Sebestyen, Steve; Kenefic, Laura S.; Brissette, John C.; Stout, Susan; Kanoti, Keith; Swanson, Fred; Greene, Sarah E.; Herring, Margaret; Ritchie, Martin; Skinner, Carl; Lisle, Tom; Keppeler, Elizabeth; Reid, Leslie; Wohlegemuth, Peter M.; Kitchen, Stanley G.; McCaughey, Ward; Guldin, Jim; Bragg, Don C.; Shelton, Michael G.; Loftis, David; Greenberg, Cathryn; Murphy, Julia. 2009. Experimental forests and ranges : 100 years of research success stories. General Technical Report FPL-GTR-182. Madison, WI: USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory.