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  • Tiffany Dong
    US Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station
  • US Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station
Host Agency:
  • US Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station

ANNOTATION: The HCR is engineering and financial analysis software used to evaluate stand-level financial thresholds for harvesting small diameter ponderosa pine in the Southwest United States. The HCR can help contractors and planners to identify costs associated with tree selection, residual handling, transportation of raw materials, and equipment used. Costs are compared against total financial return for regionally based market opportunities to arrive at potential net profit. Information is used to identify per-acre cost thresholds, for contract appraisal, and for prioritizing project planning for wildfire fuel reduction treatments and forest restoration efforts. DATA REQUIREMENTS: Cut-tree data, harvesting system, equipment information, wage and benefit rates, equipment mobilization distance, simulated log and biomass markets and distance, overhead and indirect costs, desired profit margin.

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Economics    Fuels    Planning
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