• Samuel W. Jackson
    University of Tennessee, Office of Bioenergy Programs
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  • University of Tennessee, Office of Bioenergy Programs
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  • US Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory
  • US Forest Service, Southern Research Station
  • Sun Grant Initiative
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  • US Endowment for Forestry and Communities

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  • Canada
  • database
  • energy
  • forest products industry
  • industrial facility locations
  • wood to energy research
  • woody biomass
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Record Last Modified: December 13, 2016
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This project accomplishes three primary objectives related to the state of the science in wood to energy research and industry. The literature review provides a complete overview of the state of wood to energy science and technology, including promising technologies currently commercialized or under development. The database of industrial facilities using wood for energy in the US and Canada is an important tool for the further development and expansion of wood to energy markets. The development of this knowledge base enables stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds to understand the current demand of wood for use as an energy source. This information allows them to conduct analyses for a variety of purposes, including new market development.