Cost of timber harvest under traditional and 'New Forestry' silvicultural prescriptions
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Charles E. Keegan III; Carl E. Fiedler; Fred J. Stewart
Publication Year: 1995

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  • logging costs
  • Montana
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ANNOTATION: Harvest costs were estimated for New Forestry silvicultural prescriptions designed for application on national forest lands in western Montana. Estimates were derived using an expert opinion format and were compared using constant dollars with actual 1991 costs based on more traditional prescriptions. Costs were developed for three major logging systems (tractor with hand-felling, tractor with mechanical-felling, and uphill skyline with hand-felling) and four major stand types (lodgepole pine, mature ponderosa pine/Douglas-fir, second-growth pine/fir, and mixed conifer). Average harvest costs for New Forestry prescriptions ranged from no increase to 48% ($72/mbf) higher. In light of stumpage price increases of >$200/mbf since 1991, these increased costs should be a minor factor in determining the feasibility of future timber harvest.

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Keegan, Charles III; Fiedler, Carl E.; Stewart, Fred J. 1995. Cost of timber harvest under traditional and 'New Forestry' silvicultural prescriptions. Western Journal of Applied Forestry 10(1):36-42.