The University of Idaho wood-fired boiler: a case study
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Larry A. Kirkland; H. Peter Steinhagen; Alton G. Campbell
Publication Year: 1991

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  • wood residues
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ANNOTATION: The University of Idaho converted its campus steam generating plant from natural gas to wood residue fuel. The combustion system typically burns chipped or hogged wood fuel 2 inches or less, at 35 to 50 percent moisture content (wet basis).Pre-dried fuel was used initially but the fines fraction caused operating and emissions problems. High quality, low moisture content fuel purchased in the summer was blended with wet hog fuel during the winter when steam loads were high. The wood-fired unit nets fuel cost savings of several hundred thousand dollars a year.

Kirkland, Larry A.; Steinhagen, H. Peter; Campbell, Alton G. 1991. The University of Idaho wood-fired boiler: a case study. Forest Products Journal 41(6):54-56.