Investments in fuel removals to avoid forest fires result in substantial benefits
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): C. Larry Mason; Bruce R. Lippke; Kevin W. Zobrist; Thomas D. Bloxton; Kevin R. Ceder; Jeffrey M. Comnick; James B. McCarter; Heather K. Rogers
Publication Year: 2006

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  • cost-benefit analysis
  • forest fires
  • forest fuels
  • non-market value
  • small diameter timber
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ANNOTATION: Although large trees can be removed for valuable products, the market value for the smaller logs may be less than the harvest and hauling charges, resulting in a net cost for thinning operations. However, failure to remove these small logs results in the retention of ladder fuels that support crown fires with destructive impacts to the forest landscape. A cost/benefit analysis broadened to include market and non-market considerations indicates that the negative impacts of crown fires are underestimated and that the benefits of government investments in fuel reductions are substantial.

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Mason, C. Larry; Lippke, Bruce R.; Zobrist, Kevin W.; Bloxton, Thomas D.; Ceder, Kevin R.; Comnick, Jeffrey M.; McCarter, James B.; Rogers, Heather K. 2006. Investments in fuel removals to avoid forest fires result in substantial benefits. Journal of Forestry 104(1):27-31.