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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): James McMinn; Alexander Clark III
Publication Date: 1988

ANNOTATION: This paper describes how in a mixed pine-hardwood stands in central Georgia, the tonnage of all trees not designated for harvest accounted for 89% of the variation in tonnage of standing residuals after conventional harvesting. Standing residuals weighed 5.4 to 29.3 tons/ac after conventional harvests, but an additional 2 to 13 tons of broken and uprooted material and 1 to 8 tons of hardwood tops would hinder recovery. A whole-tree system, for which small stems were harvested first, recovered 16 to 43 tons/ac, which was 56 to 94% more material than would have been left standing after conventional harvest of the same areas.

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Citation: McMinn, James C.; Clark, Alexander. 1988. Predicting residuals by stand condition and type of harvest. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 12(3):190-193.

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