Productivity and cost of conventional understory biomass harvesting systems
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): D. E. Miller; Thomas J. Straka; Bryce J. Stokes; William F. Watson
Publication Year: 1987

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  • Alabama
  • biomass removal
  • harvesting
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ANNOTATION: In this study, conventional harvesting equipment was tested for removing forest understory biomass for use as fuel. Two types of systems were tested--a one-pass system and a two-pass system. In the one-pass system, the energywood and pulpwood were harvested simultaneously. In the two-pass system, the energywood was harvested in a first pass through the stand, and the pulpwood was harvested iris second pass. Equations were developed to estimate the cost per green ton of energywood. The two-pass system exhibited high harvesting costs when biomass amounts were low, but costs moderated as biomass amounts increased. The one-pass system harvesting costs were not sensitive to the amount of energywood present.

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Miller, Douglas E.; Straka, Thomas J.; Stokes, Bryce J.; Watson, William F. 1987. Productivity and cost of conventional understory biomass harvesting systems. Forest Products Journal 37(5):39-43.