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ANNOTATION: The Woody Biomass Utilization Team is an interdisciplinary team that promotes and facilitates the planning and delivery of an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to the recovery and utilization of woody biomass from ecological restoration and hazardous fuels reduction work. Field coordinators have been designated at each of the National Forest Regions and Research Stations to coordinate woody biomass utilization efforts throughout the Forest Service. ABSTRACT: One of the greatest challenges facing forest managers in the United States on both public and private lands is restoring and maintaining the health and resilience of forest ecosystems. Adapting to climate change and mitigating the effects increases both the magnitude of the effort needed and the urgency of taking action. One option for adaptation and mitigation is sustainable woody biomass utilization. Our goal to increase the amount of America's energy that comes from forests requires we coordinate to improve the use of woody biomass in tandem with forest management activities on public and private lands.