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ANNOTATION: The U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management undertook a series of CROP pilot projects as a means of addressing the growing fuel load problem within major forest systems and the realized potential for fostering catastrophic wildfires within these systems across the United States. Focused on biomass removal (versus biomass inventory), the CROP model was initially developed in 2003 targeting unlevelized, uncoordinated, and erratic resource offerings from public forest lands at landscape scale. The key tenets of CROP projects are: to facilitate coordination of biomass removal between public agencies; facilitate the use of long-term multi-agency stewardship contracts to achieve biomass removal; increase the certainty of 'levelized' biomass supply offerings from public agencies; invite investment back into a sustainable forest management landscape; and, heighten public trust and support for biomass removal from public lands operating within a transparent process. DATA REQUIREMENTS: None. Summaries of CROP projects already conducted are available at the web address.

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