Forest residues bundling project: new technology for residue removal
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Robert B. Rummer
Publication Year: 2004

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ANNOTATION: This CD-ROM provides an overview of biomass issues, determining where bundling works and does not, developing productivity and cost estimates, and assessing properties and quality of bundled biomass for energy production. The objective of this project was to examine the operational performance of the Timberjack 1490D Slash Bundler across a wide range of conditions found on typical western US forests. The bundler operated for approximately two weeks at each location to develop a productive operating environment. Stand conditions were assessed pre and post-biomass collection. In addition, detailed data about productivity, soil disturbance, residual stand impacts, and bundle quality were recorded.

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Rummer, Robert B. 2004. Forest residues bundling project: New technology for residue removal. Missoula, MT: USDA Forest Service, Missoula Technology Development Center. 0451-2M25-MTDC. [CD-ROM]