Chipping biomass: a challenge in first thinnings
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Forest Resources Association
Publication Year: 2007

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  • biomass
  • chipping
  • forest thinning
  • Georgia
  • woody biomass
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ANNOTATION: Forest Resources Association partnered with Langdale Industries of Valdosta, Georgia to evaluate the performance of a tree-length Southern pine operation that added a small Conehead 570 chipper to chip material otherwise left in the woods. Two treatments were evaluated: a clearcut and a first thinning. The clearcut removed around 65 tons per acre of roundwood compared to 20 tons per acre in the first thinning. If only limbs and tops were chipped, the volumes per acre of biomass chips were similar, at 3.8 tons per acre in the clearcut and 3.0 tons per acre in the thinning. When understory was also chipped, the volumes of biomass chips differed significantly. The clearcut produced 10.8 tons per acre when limbs, tops, and understory were chipped, compared to 20.0 tons per acre with this treatment in the first thinning.

Forest Resources Association. 2007. Chipping biomass: a challenge in first thinnings. Technical Release 07-R-32. Rockville, MD: Forest Resources Association.