Adding a chipper to a treelength system for biomass collection
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Forest Resources Association
Publication Year: 2007

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  • biomass
  • Georgia
  • mechanical chipping
  • woody biomass
  • woody biomass utilization
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ANNOTATION: Forest Resources Association partnered with Langdale Industries of Valdosta, Georgia to evaluate the performance of a tree-length Southern pine operation that added a small Conehead 565 chipper to chip material otherwise left in the woods. Three treatments were evaluated: in one treatment there was no attempt to harvest and chip unmerchantable material while the other two treatments included unmerchantable material chipping. The crew produced an average of 8 loads of roundwood per day in the chipper treatments and 9 loads per day in the conventional treatments. A load of chips was produced for every 5 and 18 loads of roundwood in chipper treatments.

Forest Resources Association. 2007. Adding a chipper to a treelength system for biomass collection. Technical Release 07-R-3. Rockville, MD: Forest Resources Association.