Biomass equations for sixty-five north American tree species
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Michael T. Ter-Mikaelian; Michael D. Korzukhin
Publication Year: 1997

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  • aboveground biomass
  • dry weight
  • foliage biomass
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ANNOTATION: The paper presents a comprehensive review of the biomass equations for 65 North American tree species. All equations are of the form M = aDb, where M is the oven-dry weight of the biomass component of a tree (kg), D is diameter at breast height (DBH) (cm), and a and b are parameters. Equations for the following tree components were included in the review: total aboveground biomass, stem wood, stem bark, total stem (wood and bark), foliage, and branches (wood and bark). A total of 803 equations are presented with the range of DBH values of the sample, sample size, coefficient of determination R2, standard error of the estimate, fitting method used to estimate the parameters a and b, correction factor for a bias introduced by logarithmic transformation of the data, site index and geographic location of the sampled stand(s), and a reference to the paper in which the equation (or the data) was published. The review is a unique source of equations that can be used to estimate tree biomass and/or to study the variation of biomass components for a tree species.

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Ter-Mikaelian, Michael T.; Korzukhin, Michael D. 1997. Biomass equations for sixty-five North American tree species. Forest Ecology and Management 97(1):1-24.