Wood bioenergy systems in Canada
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): Kenneth Van Rees
Editor(s): Ronald S. Zalesny Jr.; Robert J. Mitchell; Jim Richardson
Publication Year: 2008

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  • Canada
  • farmer perceptions
  • sustainability
  • woody biomass
  • International
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ANNOTATION: This short paper discusses obstacles to woody biomass production in Canadian prairies. Among the obstacles for producer involvement in bioenergy systems is, first of all, changing the farmer mindset that growing a crop for longer than 1 year is not an impediment to earning money. At one time or another, most farmers in the prairies have removed woody biomass on their farms to increase their capacity for growing crops and are reluctant to go back into 'woody' systems. However, the newer generation of farmers may be less reluctant to do so because of an ability to take more risks, a greater environmental consciousness and better education.

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Van Rees, Ken C.J. 2008. Wood bioenergy systems in Canada. Page 62 In: Zalesny, Ronald S. Jr.; Mitchell, Rob; Richardson, Jim. (eds.). Biofuels, bioenergy, and bioproducts from sustainable agricultural and forest crops: proceedings of the short rotation crops international conference; 2008 August 19-20; Bloomington, MN. General Technical Report NRS-P-31. Newtown Square, PA: USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station.