Energy budget for an energywood harvesting system
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): William F. Watson; D. E. Miller; Bryce J. Stokes; M. L. Broussard
Publication Year: 1987

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ANNOTATION: The fuel and energy requirements for alternative energywood harvesting operations were determined from field operations. Comparisons were made among the total energy requirements including transportation for conventional operation and one- and two-pass energywood operations. The two-pass energywood operation required more energy per green ton than the other operations. Transportation required twice the energy as did the woods operations.

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Watson, W.F.; Miller, D.E.; Stokes, Bryce J.; Broussard, M.L. 1987. Energy budget for an energywood harvesting system. Pages 113-116 In: Proceedings of the Southern Forest Biomass Workshop; 1986 June 16-19; Knoxville, TN. Muscle Shoals, AL: Tennessee Valley Authority.