Cost and utilization of above ground biomass in thinning systems
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): Billy Watson; Bryce J. Stokes
Publication Year: 1994

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  • chipping
  • debarking
  • delimbing
  • flail operations
  • logging costs
  • thinning
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ANNOTATION: The cost and utilization were compared for a thinning operation removing the stems as roundwood with a flail chipper operation. The flail chipper operation recovered an additional 4.2 tons of acceptable chips per acre which resulted in a higher return to the site. There was little difference in the cost of acceptable chips delivered to the digester between the two methods of thinning.

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Watson, Billy; Stokes, Bryce J. 1994. Cost and utilization of above ground biomass in thinning systems. Pages 192-201 In: Proceedings of the meeting on Advanced Technology in Forest Operations: Applied Technology in Action; 1994 July 24-29; Portland/Corvallis, OR. Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University.