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Type: Book Chapter
Author(s): Richard Withycombe
Editor(s): Roland L. Barger
Publication Date: 1981

ANNOTATION: Whatever decisions are to be made concerning the possible use of forest residues, questions always arise about the costs of collecting and transporting them to a place where they might be used. The residue cost model consists of a series of seven tables, which allow the estimation of the collection costs of the types of residues common to the northern Rocky Mountains. The cost tables were developed from published studies of both conventional logging and residue collection.

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Citation: Withycombe, Richard. 1981. Applications of a cost model to northern Rocky Mountain residues. Pages 45-54 In: Barger, Roland L. (ed.). Harvesting and utilization opportunities for forest residues in the northern Rocky Mountains Symposium Proceedings 1979; November 28-30, 1979, Missoula, MT. General Technical Report INT-GTR-110. Ogden, UT: USDA Forest Service, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station.

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