Selected harvesting machines for short rotation intensive culture biomass plantations
Document Type: Conference Paper
Author(s): Sammy Woodfin; Doug Frederick; Bryce J. Stokes
Publication Year: 1987

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  • forest engineering
  • harvesting
  • machinery
  • woodlots
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ANNOTATION: Numerous harvesting machines were evaluated in a series of annual tests on stands of different ages. Several different machines were used to harvest sycamore research plots in south Alabama. The machines varied from manually operated devices and conventional forestry equipment to sophisticated prototypes. This paper documents the results of these evaluations as well as a rationale for the evolving development of short rotation intensive culture harvesting equipment.

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Woodfin, Sammy; Frederick, Doug; Stokes, Bryce. 1987. Selected Harvesting Machines For Short Rotation Intensive Culture Biomass Plantations. ASAE Paper 87-1567. St. Joseph, MI: American Society of Agricultural Engineers. 18 p.