A simulation of harvesting systems for economic supply models
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): Timothy M. Young; David M. Ostermeier; R. W. Mulach; J. Daniel Thomas; Robert T. Brooks
Editor(s): Bryce J. Stokes
Publication Year: 1989

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  • average total cost
  • harvesting
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ANNOTATION: A harvesting simulation model was developed to estimate average total costs of whole-tree chip harvesting as a function of equipment configurations and stand characteristics. The harvesting simulation model was part of a larger economic model used to estimate the economic availability of whole-tree chips for 62 potential energy plants in the southeastern United States. The harvesting model described in this paper was used to select a balanced harvesting system for 45 possible stand types.

Young, Timothy M.; Ostermeier, D.M.; Mulach, R.W.; Thomas, J.D.; Brooks, Robert T. Jr. 1989. A simulation of harvesting systems for economic supply models. Pages 170-183 In: Stokes, B.J. (ed.). Proceedings of the International Energy Agency, Task VI, Activity 3 Symposium, 'Harvesting Small Trees and Forest Residues'; 1989 June 5-7; Auburn, AL. USDA Forest Service, Southern Forest Experiment Station.