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Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): F. Talmage Edman
Editor(s): Bryce J. Stokes
Publication Date: 1989

ANNOTATION: This paper provides a brief history of the development of a system to economically thin overstocked, naturally seeded stands in the Pacific Northwest. It also provides a comparison of flail debarking efficiency in the woods with small alder systems with a pulp log debarker in a satellite yard.

Citation: Edman, F. Talmage. 1989. Small stem thinning in the Pacific Northwest with barking and chipping in the woods. In: Stokes, B.J., ed. Proceedings of the International Energy Agency, Task VI, Activity 3 Symposium-Harvesting Small Trees and Forest Residues, 1989 Jun. 5-7, Auburn, AL. Auburn, AL: USDA Forest Service, Southern Forest Experiment Station. p. 126-130.

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