Reduction of biomass moisture by crushing/splitting - a concept
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): Paul E. Barnett; Donald L. Sirois; Colin Ashmore
Publication Year: 1986

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  • biomass moisture reduction
  • Canada
  • crushing/splitting concept
  • forest harvesting
  • small diameter timber
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ANNOTATION: A biomass crusher/splitter concept is presented as a possible means of maintaining rights-of-way or harvesting energy wood plantations. The conceptual system would cut, crush, and split small woody biomass leaving it in windrows for drying. A subsequent operation would bale and transport the dried material for use as an energy source. A survey of twenty southern power companies shows the potential applicability of a biomass harvesting system. Drying characteristics and power requirements are presented for three southern tree species.

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Barnett, Paul E.; Sirois, Donald L.; Ashmore, Colin. 1986. Reduction of biomass moisture by crushing/splitting - a concept. In: Proceedings of the Southern Forest Biomass Workshop, 1985 June 11-14, Gainesville, FL. Gainesville, FL: University of Florida. p. 13-16.