The forest residues utilization R&D program
Document Type: Book Chapter
Author(s): Roland L. Barger
Publication Year: 1981

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  • forest practices
  • forest residues
  • timber harvesting
  • wood utilization
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ANNOTATION: The purpose of this publication is to report the results of research conducted by the Residues R&D Program in harvesting and utilization opportunities for forest residue. Additionally, to provide a record of proceedings of the 3-day symposium exploring both research and industrial experience in residues utilization; to provide a compendium of information useful to those involved or interested in improving the recovery and utilization of forest residues. ABSTRACT: Since 1974 the Intermountain Station has directed an integrated program of research toward developing methods to achieve more efficient timber utilization, consistent with responsible management of the forest ecosystem. This research combines the efforts of scientists in utilization, engineering, economics, marketing, and the biological sciences. Research in residue characterization has defined the volume, character, and product potential of residues in various timber types and harvesting situations. Research in products, processes, and markets has included work relating to solid wood and chip and fiber products. Particular emphasis has been given the processing and use of dead timber, by far the largest residue component in the Intermountain West. Other research has explored the feasibility of achieving closer utilization with conventional cable and ground skidding harvesting systems under different silvicultural and management prescriptions. Related research is developing new harvesting system concepts and practices, with emphasis upon systems that can function more efficiently in handling small timber, residue material, and small volumes per acre. More efficient utilization of the wood resource represented by forest residues can substantially extend the resource base.

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Barger, Roland L. 1981. The forest residues utilization R&D program. Pages 5-16 In: Harvesting and Utilization Opportunities for Forest Residues in the Northern Rocky Mountains: Symposium Proceedings, November 28-30, 1979, Missoula, MT. General Technical Report INT-GTR-110. Ogden, UT: USDA Forest Service, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station.