Harvesting wood for energy
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Rodger A. Arola; Edwin W. Miyata
Publication Year: 1981

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  • clearcutting
  • fuelwood
  • logging
  • mechanized thinning
  • Michigan
  • residues
  • whole-tree chipping
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ANNOTATION: This paper illustrates the potential of harvesting wood for industrial energy, based on the results of five harvesting studies and presents information on harvesting operations, equipment costs, and productivity. It further discusses mechanized thinning of hardwoods, clearcutting of low-value stands and recovery of hardwood tops and limbs and also includes basic information on the physical and fuel properties of wood.

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Arola, Rodger A.; Miyata, Edwin W. 1981. Harvesting wood for energy. Research Paper NC-200. St. Paul, MN: USDA Forest Service, North Central Forest Experiment Station. 25 p.