Influence of slope on fire spread rate
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): Bret W. Butler; Wendy R. Anderson; E. A. Catchpole
Editor(s): Bret W. Butler; Wayne A. Cook
Publication Year: 2007

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  • fire spread
  • slope
  • wildland fire management
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Data demonstrate the effect of slope on heading and backing fires burning through woody fuels. The data indicate that the upper limit of heading fire rate of spread is defined by the rate of spread up a vertical fuel array, and the lower limit is defined by the rate of spread of a backing fire burning downslope. The minimum spread rate is found to occur at nominally - 16 degrees slope.

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Butler, B.W.; Anderson, W.R.; Catchpole, E.A. 2007. Influence of slope on fire spread rate. Pages 75-82 In: Butler, Bret W.; Cook, Wayne (comps.). The fire environment-innovations, management, and policy; conference proceedings. 26-30 March 2007; Destin, FL. Proceedings RMRS-P-46CD. Fort Collins, CO: USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.