Measuring success in your fuels program: from the report card to valuable learning
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): Paula Nasiatka; David A. Christenson
Editor(s): Patricia L. Andrews; Bret W. Butler
Publication Year: 2006

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  • fuels management
  • level of learning
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How can a unit learn in everyday fuels programs and from program reviews? How can a unit move from living in the 'report card' culture to discovering more effective ways to improve what it knows and how it learns? Six specific tasks are critical to organizational learning according to David A. Garvin of Harvard Business School. By engaging in these tasks a unit can significantly improve both its programs and its learning. To further assist field units, an organizational learning survey has been recently developed by the Harvard Business School in cooperation with the Lessons Learned Center. This tool is designed to measure how a unit learns. By examining the learning environment, learning processes and leadership one can measure a unit's level of learning and its improvements over time.

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Nasiatka, Paula; Christenson, David. 2006. Measuring success in your fuels program: from the report card to valuable learning. Pages 751-754 In: Andrews, Patricia L.; Butler, Bret W. (comps.). Fuels Management-How to Measure Success: Conference Proceedings. 28-30 March 2006; Portland, OR. Proceedings RMRS-P-41. Fort Collins, CO: USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.