A fuels management bibliography with subject index
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Author(s): Martin E. Alexander
Publication Year: 2007

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The primary purpose of fuels management has been to lessen potential fire behavior and, thereby, increase the probability of successful containment (Alexander 2003). More specifically, it has been to decrease the rate of fire and, in turn, fire size and intensity-as well as crowning and spotting potential. In recent years, fuels management has become viewed as a means of reducing or minimizing the adverse impacts of wildfires (Agee and Skineer 2005; Outcalt and Wade 2004; Weatherspoon and Skinner 1995). The current efforts of the Forest Service's (2004) Applied Wildland Fire Research in Support of Project Level Hazardous Fuels Planning Project to review and summarize the existing information on fuel treatments in dry forests of the Western United States (http://forest. are obviously a very worthy undertaking. Commensurate with this effort has been the publication of recent symposia proceedings (Omi and Joyce 2003; Andrews and Butler 2006). But much still remains to be collated and summarized. Thus, this need for a comprehensive bibliography of relevant articles on fuels management for both manager and research alike. That is what this bibliography-presented in this article-is intended to do. It consolidates and highlights what Fire Management Today and its predecessors provide regarding fuels management, up to, and including, the Fall 2006 (Vol. 66, No. 4) issue. This fulfills a void that existing bibliographies have failed to address (Schumann 2001; Kumagai and Daniels 2002). This comprehensive bibliography includes 117 articles-listed under 12 subject areas-that date back to 1939.

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Alexander, Martin E. 2007. A fuels management bibliography with subject index. Fire Management Today 67(1):44-48.