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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): James D. McIver; Ralph E. J. Boerner; Stephen C. Hart
Publication Date: 2008

The primary goal of the FFS is to measure the effectiveness and ecological consequences of commonly used treatments intended to reduce potential fire risk at each of 12 sites, 5 sites in the eastern USA, and 7 sites in the west. This paper gives an overview of each of these sites.

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Citation: McIver, James D.; Boerner, Ralph E.J.; Hart, Stephen C. 2008. The national fire and fire surrogate study: ecological consequences of alternative fuel reduction methods in seasonally dry forests. Forest Ecology and Management 255(8-9):3075-3080.

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California    Eastern    Northwest    Rocky Mountain    Southern    Southwest
  • dry forests
  • mechanical treatment
  • site characteristics
  • thinning
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