FireFamily Plus 4.1 beta release notice
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Larry S. Bradshaw
Publication Year: 2009

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  • FFP - FireFamilyPlus
  • NFDRS - National Fire Danger Rating System
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FireFamilyPlus (FFP) is a PC-based software system for summarizing and analyzing historical daily fire weather observations and computing fire danger indices based on the National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS) or the Canadian Fire Danger Rating System (CFDRS). Fire occurrence data can also be analyzed and cross-referenced with weather data to help determine critical levels of fire danger for staffing and other fire management activities. New in FFP 4.1 Beta: The principal addition is the Term Module (Weather->Term) which duplicates the functionality of the Waiting Time functions in the RERAP program. This was added to facilitate S-495 curriculum and hasten retirement of the RERAP program. Existing Term Files may be imported and any number of Term Files can be stored in the database. Term files are associated with the Active Working Set (Station/SIG) when the file was created. There is capability for extensive commenting the term file. Term files in the database can be edited or deleted. Finally, results from the Event Locator can be used to provide initial dates for a term file. See Help Topic 'Term.' Fixes and Enhancements: Interactive Batch: user variables are available, overlay years are available, active working set dates are used initially instead of all available data, and most changes made to working set settings in Interactive Batch are saved in the active working set for the station/SIG. Data Handling: certain imports of multiple FW9 files would cause: 'Operation Failed, No Current Record' Error fixed. This has been fixed. Exporting fires to shape files: fire numbers were truncated to 12 characters in length and state fire cause codes were being remapped to DOI cause codes. This has been fixed. NFDR Calculations: certain warm climate stations would not properly green up every year because X1000 not reset to FM1000. Corrected in CFNDRS. View Observations: the view observations window is now MDI compliant which means it can be minimized while performing other FFP functions. A description of changes from FireFamilyPlus Version 4.0.2 can be found in About FireFamilyPlus.

Bradshaw, Larry. 2009. FireFamily Plus 4.1 beta release notice. 5 p.

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