Coarse scale fire regime mapping, LANDFIRE, and project level FRCC: how it fits together - powerpoint
Document Type: Unpublished Work
Author(s): James P. Menakis
Publication Year: 2003

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  • FRCC - Fire Regime Condition Class
  • NIFTT - National Interagency Fuels Technology Transfer
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Review of FRCC and LANDFIRE Fire Regime Mapping methods. Fire Regime Condition Classes (FRCC) Version 2000 underestimated the departure in Range and Shrublands. It is difficult to extrapolate these numbers to the conterminous US. LANDFIRE can provide finer scale data. LANDFIRE's objective is to provide the spatial data and predictive models needed by land and fire managers to prioritize, evaluate, plan, complete, and monitor fuel treatment and restoration projects, essential to achieving the goals targeted in the Joint Cohesive Strategy and National Fire Plan.

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Menakis, Jim. 2003. Coarse scale fire regime mapping, LANDFIRE and FRCC: how it fits together - powerpoint. Presented at FRCC Assessment Workshop, Tucson, AZ. March 18-20, 2003. 58 p.

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