LANDFIRE - fact sheet
Document Type: Fact Sheet / Brief / Bulletin
Author(s): US Forest Service and National Park Service
Publication Year: 2007

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  • fire management planning
  • fuels planning
  • wildfire risk reduction
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LANDFIRE (Landscape Fire and Resource Management Planning Tools Project) is an interagency vegetation, fire, and fuel characteristics mapping project. It is a shared project between the DOI and Forest Service wildland fire management programs and is sponsored by the Wildland Fire Leadership Council. LANDFIRE is producing a comprehensive, consistent, scientifically credible suite of spatial data layers for the entire United States. Principal project partners include the USFS Missoula Fire Sciences laboratory, the USGS Center for Earth Resources Observation and Science, and The Nature Conservancy. The project is scheduled from FY04 through FY09, with expenses apportioned between the Forest Service (60%) and Department of Interior (40%). Data products are 30-meter spatial resolution raster data sets, which will vary in accuracy by geography, product, and scale of use. Accuracy goal for the calibrated Fire Behavior Fuel Model 13 product is at least 60% on average. Other products will have higher or lower accuracies in different parts of the country. In addition, the project has been directed to provide an operations and maintenance plan.

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USDA Forest Service and U.S. Department of Interior. Updated 2007. LANDFIRE - fact sheet. Homepage of the LANDFIRE Project. USDA Forest Service and U.S. Department of Interior. Available:

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