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Type: Other
Author(s): MACTEC Federal Programs, Inc.
Publication Date: 2004

A Resource from the Western Regional Air Partnership's (WRAP) Fire Emissions Joint Forum (FEJF)

In December 2002 the FEJF issued a request for proposal for a bibliography and summary table on Emission Reduction Techniques for agricultural burning and wildland fire in support of their guidance development process. The final deliverable table is posted below.

This table is also included in a zipped file that contains the additional supporting information:

  • Reviewers Guide to the Final Work Products (03/04/2004, PDF) Describes the methodology for gathering data, lists information sources, and describes how to use the work products contained in the zipped folder.
  • Annotated Bibliography (12/15/2003, PDF)
  • Wildland Burning Index - by fuel type (12/15/2003, XLS)
  • Wildland percent reduction only (12/15/2003, XLS)
  • Wildland emission factors only (12/15/2003, XLS)
  • Agricultural Residue Index - by fuel type (12/15/2003, revised 05/28/2004, XLS)
  • Agricultural percent reductions only (12/15/2003, XLS)
  • Agricultural emission factors only (12/15/2003, XLS)
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