A cyber-physical system for wildfire detection and firefighting
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Pietro Battistoni; Andrea Antonio Cantone; Gerardo Martino; Valerio Passamano; Marco Romano; Monica Sebillo; Giuliana Vitiello
Publication Year: 2023

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  • CPS - Cyber-Physical System
  • fire detection
  • firefighting
  • IoT - Internet of Things
  • MQTT - message queuing telemetry transport
  • robot operating system
  • UAV - unmanned aerial vehicles
  • UGV - unmanned ground vehicle
  • wildfires
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The increasing frequency and severity of forest fires necessitate early detection and rapid response to mitigate their impact. This project aims to design a cyber-physical system for early detection and rapid response to forest fires using advanced technologies. The system incorporates Internet of Things sensors and autonomous unmanned aerial and ground vehicles controlled by the robot operating system. An IoT-based wildfire detection node continuously monitors environmental conditions, enabling early fire detection. Upon fire detection, a UAV autonomously surveys the area to precisely locate the fire and can deploy an extinguishing payload or provide data for decision-making. The UAV communicates the fire’s precise location to a collaborative UGV, which autonomously reaches the designated area to support ground-based firefighters. The CPS includes a ground control station with web-based dashboards for real-time monitoring of system parameters and telemetry data from UAVs and UGVs. The article demonstrates the real-time fire detection capabilities of the proposed system using simulated forest fire scenarios. The objective is to provide a practical approach using open-source technologies for early detection and extinguishing of forest fires, with potential applications in various industries, surveillance, and precision agriculture.

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Battistoni, Pietro; Cantone, Andrea Antonio; Martino, Gerardo; Passamano, Valerio; Romano, Marco; Sebillo, Monica; Vitiello, Giuliana. 2023. A cyber-physical system for wildfire detection and firefighting. Future Internet 15(7):237.