Software for computing plant biomass - BIOPAK users guide
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Joseph E. Means; Heather A. Hansen; Greg J. Koerper; Paul B. Alaback; Mark W. Klopsch
Publication Year: 1994

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  • crown mass
  • crown volume
  • dimensional analysis
  • manuals
  • microcomputer
  • plant biomass
  • plant leaf area
  • plant volume
  • software
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BIOPAK is a menu-driven package of computer programs for IBM-compatible personal computers that calculates the biomass, area, height, length, or volume of plant components (leaves, branches, stem, crown, and roots). The routines were written in FoxPro, Fortran, and C. BIOPAK was created to facilitate linking of a diverse array of vegetation datasets with the appropriate subset of available equations for estimating plant components, such as biomass and leaf area. BIOPAK produces reports that are formatted for people and files that are compatible with other software. Other reports document the design of a computation run and the equations used. BIOPAK includes a library of about 1,000 prediction equations and an editor for updating it. Most of the equations in the library were developed in the Pacific-Northwest, including southeast Alaska.

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Means, Joseph E.; Hansen, Heather A.; Koerper, Greg J.; Alaback, Paul B; Klopsch, Mark W. 1994. Software for computing plant biomass - BIOPAK users guide. General Technical Report PNW-GTR-340. Portland, OR: USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 184 p.

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